The SCGP Cafe is open for

Breakfast - Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 10:30am &

Lunch - Monday - Friday from 11:30am - 2:30pm



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SCGP Cafe is proud to be part of the Stony Brook University Community.


We welcome all departments to use SCGP Cafe for their dining and catering needs in accordance with Stony Brook University food policy.

To sign up for a SCGP Cafe account that will allow for direct vendor billing of dine-in meals, please fill in the form below.  SCGP Cafe will promptly send your department an itemized invoice, with a signed receipt from the person who signed it.  The department can then submit the invoice to the University Procurement Department per the Direct Vendor Billing process in the University Food Policy.  


The University food policy can be found at:



-Catering requires an advance purchase order from the University Procurement Department, per the food policy.

-Catering and dining costs are subject to the established per diem meal thersholds in the University food policy. 

-Stony Brook University issued State and Research credit cards cannot be used for catering and dining.


Please fill out the form below to sign up for an account